Going mobile? Get The FileMaker Nomad!

To demonstrate that you can work from anywhere, we DO work from anywhere!

Mobile database expertise... this is The FileMaker Nomad

Here is a short list of applicable skills:

  • Design and deploy custom FileMaker Pro and SQL databases
  • Create and implement data-driven websites, intranets, and partner extranets
  • Perform database conversions & file consolidations
  • Conduct workflow analyses for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Devise and effectuate project plans that are completed on-time and within budget

SavvyData's roving developer and training headquarters is FM Nomad, a 45-foot 600-horsepower 2008 Holiday Rambler Navigator motorcoach:

FM Nomad

Lee Lukehart has earned every FileMaker Developer Certification
and every FileMaker Authorized Trainer Certification.
He is one of only 25 consultants worldwide who has “earned them all.”

Lee Lukehart

SavvyData founder Lee Lukehart is a veteran FileMaker trainer and has earned every developer certification that FileMaker has offered (15/14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7). He authored the popular white paper on FileMaker Pro Charting and the TechNet webinar on advanced charting techniques.

An enthusiastic FileMaker advocate, Lee has presented sessions at Macworld Expo, Bootcamp for FileMaker, and four recent FileMaker Developer Conferences (DevCon). He has written articles for FileMaker Advisor, and served for a year as the "Advisor Answers" columnist. Lee has been using FileMaker to solve client problems for more than two decades, and he began creating and providing FileMaker instruction formally in 2004. His students appreciate his attentive manner and patience in the classroom, and they say his responsive training style makes learning new skills fast and fun.

Lee feels fortunate to collaborate with talented colleagues and serve clients in the varied roles of information architect, business analyst, interface designer, project manager, data visualist and trusted advisor.

As for charting, it is said that on a good day he can make a trend line with only 1 data point. ;-)