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We offer live instructor-led FileMaker instruction via classrooms all across the United States. Please check class schedules to see when we will be at a location near you! Or, for a more immediate solution we also can provide on-site training, customized to your needs, schedule, and budget.

  "The FileMaker community has always been generous and supportive and fun-loving, and we demonstrate those same values as often as we can." says Lee Lukehart, SavvyData founder and president. "As a long-time instructor, success to me means seeing a student's enthusiastic spark when they 'get' some new concept or cool FileMaker technique."

Classroom Locations

All of our classroom courses are held at professional facilities and come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Training schedule and registration links are located on the description page of each course.

  "Lee, I really enjoyed the class! You did a great job being responsive to the needs of a group with fairly diverse levels of experience. That was impressive—I know it is not easy to do."
- S.W., Pixar


A pleasing environment
makes for better learning...


Filemaker Foundation

These courses provide a sound foundation upon which all future learning builds. Regardless of your ultimate objectives with FileMaker, you need to know the fundamentals.

Intro to FileMaker (1-day class) $295
Our entry-level course on FileMaker Pro. Intro to FileMaker is a well-structured first introduction to using and customizing FileMaker Pro. We provide training workstations (or bring your own laptop with FileMaker Pro 15 or 16 installed) for a personal, fun, hands-on approach.

Savvy FM Essentials (3-day FTS course) $495/day
Part of the official FileMaker Training Series, solving the "you don't know what you don't know" problem. This 3-day course with FileMaker-authored curriculum helps you master the essential skills required for developing and deploying solutions in FileMaker Pro 16, FileMaker Pro Server, and FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad. Highly interactive instruction and hands-on exercises focus on providing students with a solid understanding of the FileMaker Pro family of technologies.

‘Ace of Charts’ (1-day workshop) $495
The Art and Science of adding dynamic charts & graphs to your FileMaker solutions. ‘Ace of Charts’ is an eye-opening examination of the means and mechanisms for adding attractive, useful charts & graphs to existing FileMaker solutions. Learn to make embedded dynamic graphs that update on-demand or automatically. You'll leave this class with an understanding of the four distinctly different techniques for implementing charting in FileMaker Pro, along with working example files for each that you can adapt for your own solutions.

‘Ace of Charts’ (webinar series) $75 each
The Art and Science of adding dynamic charts & graphs to your FileMaker solutions — now via the Web.

‘Dashing Dashboards’ (1-day class) $495
Creating graphical information dashboards to monitor your organization's data and performance. The 'Dashing Dashboards' class provides a revealing look into the current thinking and best practices around data visualization.

FileMaker Go Go Go for iOS! (1-day workshop) $395
Designing usable mobile solutions requires a very different skill set. Learn mobile database concepts and techniques of using and designing for FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone. Students may apply their new knowledge from the morning to their own database solutions in the afternoon.

FileMaker Intensives Series

An "intensive" is a highly-focused study of a particular topic. Our intensives are a mixture of instructor-led training and guided group work. They are workshops in the truest sense because it is by doing that we best learn (and retain what we learn). So roll up your sleeves and come prepared to do some real work on your own solutions. Warning: these workshops can get, well, intense. We are pleased to offer the FileMaker Intensive Series in conjunction with trusted partner Surefoot Database Consulting. Look here to learn more about Surefoot's classes and workshops in Minnesota.

Data Modeling Intensive (1-day workshop) $395
Experienced developers start new solutions on the drawing board, mapping out their data model - NOT in layout mode choosing fonts and adding fields as they think them up! Get your data model wrong and it won’t matter how talented a developer you are. This workshop is about getting it RIGHT!

FileMaker Scripting Intensive (1-day workshop) $395
We present key concepts for writing clear, effective, efficient scripts. Students get to plan and implement scripts in their own solutions! A team approach to the afternoon ensures that the “What’s the best way to do this?” is answered before students grab their keyboards and start coding.

FileMaker Security Intensive (half-day workshop) $195
This is the workshop to attend if you want to how to protect your solutions from both malicious and accidental harm. Learn what you need to know and do to secure your data and protect novice users from themselves.

FileMaker Layout Design Intensive (1-day workshop) $395
OK, the Data Modeling Intensive is one of our most critical classes and even though we have a good time in that course, this class blows the fun factor out of the water! We will explore how to fully customize a layout and give it that professional touch that makes your UI (User Interface) sizzle and shine. We will clue you into our favorite tools and websites and show you what you need to know.

Savvy FM Mastery (2-day intensive) $695
An insider's fast-track to learning professional development tricks & techniques. This master class is comprised of peers who are driven to improve and refine their already exemplary skill level.

On-site / Custom Training

Our expert instructors will travel to your location to save time and expense for you, your staff and your organization. Tell us your situation and we'll construct the best possible agenda. Contact us for examples.


Our instructors are FileMaker Certified Developers and practicing consultants who bring valuable real-world experience and best practices to the classes they teach.

Both Lee Lukehart and Jim Medema have earned every FileMaker Developer Certification
and every FileMaker Authorized Trainer Certification that FileMaker Inc. has offered!
They are two of about 25 consultants in the world who have “earned them all.”

Lee Lukehart is a veteran FileMaker trainer and has earned every developer certification that FileMaker has offered (16/15/14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7). He authored the popular white paper on FileMaker Pro Charting and the TechNet webinar on advanced charting techniques.

An enthusiastic FileMaker advocate, Lee has presented sessions at Macworld Expo, Bootcamp for FileMaker, and the last four FileMaker Developer Conferences (DevCon). He has written articles for FileMaker Advisor, and served for a year as the "Advisor Answers" columnist in Advisor Basics for FileMaker magazine. Lee has been using FileMaker to solve client problems for more than two decades, and he began creating and providing FileMaker instruction formally in 2004. His students appreciate his attentive manner and patience in the classroom, and they say his responsive training style makes learning new skills fast and fun.

Jim Medema has trained more than 1000 students in the art and science of relational database development using FileMaker products and related supporting applications. Jim has earned every developer certification and authorized trainer certification that FileMaker has offered (16/15/14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7).

Originally trained to be an educator, Jim guides an ongoing conversation in every class about best practices - the tasks, techniques and habits that set apart the exceptional from the average. In the same way that knowing how to use a hammer and saw won’t make you a master carpenter, knowing what a FileMaker feature does won’t make you a star developer. Jim's goal is to guide you to knowledgeable and then on to exceptional! Course content can be intense, but we always laugh and eat well! Oh, and for what it’s worth, Jim’s B.A. was in English, so your chances of actually understanding the class without a geek translation device are extremely high!