SavvyData builds custom FileMaker® and SQL database solutions that:
   • enable you to work smarter and faster than ever before,
   • empower you with better information for decision-making, and
   • provide access to your data via the Web and mobile devices.

We can streamline your workflows and transform your digital lifeblood, providing tools that help you rapidly respond to change. Our uncommon strengths include Mobile Techremote access/control, data synchrony, distributed workflow, and smartphone applications (remote access & mobile devices), Data Visualizationperformance scorecards, ad hoc graphs, decision support screens, monitor alerts (charts & dashboards), and database hosting for FileMaker versions 12 through 15.

You can choose SavvyData with confidence, to supercharge your data systems. We will define and document your specific requirements, then design smart, user-friendly solutions using the best applicable technologies. Our solutions are delivered within budget and on schedule, with quality in every step of the process... [Read More]

About SavvyData

SavvyData, a 18-year member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and veteran FileMaker trainer, demonstrated the capabilities of mobile operations — literally. Starting April 2013 SavvyData’s president went on the road full-time with FM Nomad, a 45-foot 600-horsepower Class A highline motorcoach. [download full press release]

“To demonstrate that our clients CAN work from anywhere, we DO work from anywhere. The world is too large and interesting to be tethered to a single geographic area" says Lee Lukehart, SavvyData president and chief data visualist. “The terms ‘road warrior,’ ‘mobile worker’ and ‘digital nomad’ have long been in our lexicon, but for the first time technologies have converged so that the quality of our mobile work can consistently match and surpass that of a fixed-base operation. Location dependence is a constraint of the past.”

Utilizing a combination of cloud-based servers and database sync technologies, SavvyData has developed solutions that enable its clients to work uninterrupted from practically anywhere. Whether accessing the Internet via ethernet, WiFI or cellular data MiFi — or even when completely disconnected — SavvyData’s data solutions provide constant availablility to needed information.

SavvyData is now headquartered in beautiful Sandpoint Idaho — but we are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Certified Developers

Competent in multiple technology areas, our dev team makes a point of keeping up with the latest and greatest. Along the way we collect official credentials that illustrate some of our expertise.


Expert Trainers

We offer instruction on one of our favorite tools of the information age: FileMaker Pro. Whether you're a FileMaker novice or accomplished developer, we guarantee you'll be happy with your experience!